Skills For My Future

1/2 Day Course

Day One - Unlocking Your Potential

BSBWRT311 Write Simple Documents is a course designed to equip individuals with the essential skills to create clear and concise written communications. 

Whether you’re a professional seeking to enhance your business writing abilities or a student aiming to improve your academic performance, this course provides valuable insights and practical techniques. Participants will learn how to structure their documents effectively, use plain language to enhance readability and employ formatting techniques to improve the overall presentation. 

You can convey your ideas with clarity, precision, and impact by mastering the art of writing simple documents. BSBWRT311 is the stepping stone towards becoming a proficient communicator who can easily engage and inform readers. 

Learning Outcome

  • BSBWRT311 – Write Simple Documents


Day Two - Communicate To Participate

FSKOCM006 Use Oral Communication Skills to Participate in Workplace Teams is a comprehensive course designed to enhance individuals’ ability to communicate effectively within a team setting.

Teamwork and collaboration are essential for success in today’s professional landscape, and strong oral communication skills are pivotal in fostering productive interactions. Through this course, participants will develop the confidence and techniques to express their ideas, actively listen, and contribute meaningfully to group discussions.

From team meetings and presentations to brainstorming sessions and problem-solving exercises, this course equips individuals with the skills to navigate diverse workplace dynamics. By honing their oral communication abilities, participants will become valuable team players who can engage, collaborate, and inspire others to achieve collective goals. FSKOCM006 paves the way for effective teamwork, facilitating a harmonious and efficient work environment.

Learning Outcome

  • FSKOCM006 – Use Oral Communication Skills to Participate in Workplace Teams

Successful completion

A Statement of Attainment is issued to participants who successfully complete all the required assessment tasks, have paid in full and have supplied all required supporting documentation.


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