Standard 11 – Surface Coal Mine Safety Skill set RIISS00034

3 Day Course

Embrace safety and expertise with the Standard 11 – Surface Coal Mine Safety Skill Set (RIISS00034). This comprehensive training equips you with vital skills for navigating safety in surface coal mining environments.

Learn about hazard identification, risk management, and emergency procedures, ensuring your preparedness for a secure working atmosphere. Elevate your knowledge and bolster your safety credentials in the coal mining sector. Enquire now to establish a foundation of safety excellence with the Standard 11 skill set.

Successful completion

A Statement of Attainment is issued to participants who successfully complete all the required assessment tasks, have paid in full and have supplied all required supporting documentation.

Learning Outcomes

  • RIIWHS201E – Work Safely and Follow WHS Policies and Procedures
  • RIIERR205D – Apply Initial Response First Aid
  • RIIGO201E – Comply with Site Work Processes/Procedures
  • RIICOME201E – Communicate in the Workplace
  • RIIERR302E – Respond to local Emergencies and Incidents
  • RIIRIS201E- Conduct Local Rish Control



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